Examples of Inspiration Faeries

Mystery of Twilight Firefly Faerie

Clairity Faerie

Fushia Faerie - Sprite Faerie

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Custom Faeries

I create mainly two types of custom faeries...Inspiration Faeries and Likeness Faeries. However, other custom faeries, in different sizes or price ranges, may be possible. Please contact me for additional information or with any questions you may have. It never hurts to ask!


Inspiration Faeries


The first type would be a custom faerie that is Inspired by something such as a feeling, a thought, an idea, or a color...say...you'd like a blue faerie or a purple and green one, etc. Or one that is inspired by a bubble, or a flower, plant, insect or tree. With this type, I ask the faeries to send me the faerie who is meant for you. I meditate on this. Then I sit down with my clay and watch who appears. This is how I sculpt all of my faeries that are not likeness type faeries. I never know what a little face will look like until it appears. It's an organic and magical process! They will be more fae looking...like most of my faeries. It will be your personal faerie alter ego, so to speak. Completely unique. An example of this type of faerie is The Golden Light Faerie and Clairity. Both were private commissions created in this way.

This type ranges in size from 6" to 7"(15 to 18cm) and can take 4 to 6 weeks for completion. The cost can range from $800.00 to $1,200.00 USD, depending on how complicated the Inspiration may be. For example, a purple faerie would be $800.00. A butterfly faerie with complicated, hand painted wings will be $1,200.00. Smaller versions along the line of our Light Faeries and Sprite faeries are now available for $500.00. Light Faeries and Sprite Faeries have closed eyes and tend to have simpler costumes and wings and range from 4.5" to 5.5"(12 to 14cm). If you are interested in a commission that is something other than what is described here, please contact me for additional information regarding price, size, etc.






Examples of Likeness Faeries

Anne Faerie

Wyld Elven Faerie

Freyia Faerie

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Likeness Faeries

The second type is the "likeness" type, like the Freyia, Wyld and Anne faeries. These are based more on a likeness, but they WILL NOT be exact replicas! I try to capture the essence, but that is what it is, the essence with some resemblance. It is my interpretation of what might happen to someone if they stumble into Gossamer Glen and become a faerie. And like all Gossamer Glen faeries, they will be long and slender and have only 3 fingers! I don't do busty, curvy or teeth! Please be aware...if I don't feel that my style of sculpting will do justice to the likeness, I won't accept the commission. My style doesn't fit everyone.

This type could take up to 8 weeks. They are much more labor intensive. The cost can range from $1,200.00 to $1,800.00 USD.


Terms and Time Lines

I require 50% of the agreed upon price at the start of the commission. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining 50% is due when the faerie is finished, prior to shipping. Failure to pay remaining 50% when faerie is finished will result in the loss of deposit and loss of faerie. Photos from every angle are taken so you'll be able to see her once she is finished...unless you'd prefer to be surprised. I've had people who do not want to see their faerie before they open their box, so I can do it either way! I will send progress reports along the way, but I do not send photos. I do not show my work in progress. That's between me and the faeries! And it would spoil the magic!

Please be aware, I work with the materials that are available to me, that work with the scale in which I work. The fewer specific requests you have, the better the outcome will be. For example, if you'd like black wings, no problem, but if you'd like black lace wings, that's a problem! Lace will not work with my method of wing making. I can create something that looks "lacey", but actual lace is too course to use. I have been creating Gossamer Glen Faeries for 18 years. I know what works and what doesn't. It's best if you trust this process! I won't accept a commission with too many restraints or specifics, nor will I attempt to reproduce a faerie that I've already created. It's not possible. They are each unique beings. However I am willing to work with you to ensure that we can find the unique faerie being that is waiting to be manifested just for you. It is helpful to know which faeries, that I've created, that you are drawn to, and why. This gives me an idea and a starting place to create your unique faerie. If you are interested, or have questions, please contact me.

Please note...times given are approximate. It could be less, it could be more! Faeries have their own time lines!





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