Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? That's ARE!
But if you are quick enough, you just may catch a Glimpse!

Introducing our new line from the Gossamer Glen Glimpse Collection...

Be Leaves are hand sculpted One of a Kind Pendants featuring a glimpse of a fae nature spirit peering out of the front,
and the word "Believe" on the back. Their eyes are genuine black onyx gemstones.

Each Pendant comes with a complimentary, coordinating organza and multi-cord 18"(45.5 cm) necklace,
with a 2"(5 cm) extender, in a gift box. Also includes a short ribbon for use as an ornament.

Be Leaves range from 2"(5 cm) to 3"(7.5 cm) in width and 3"(7.5 cm) to 4"(10 cm) in length, including stem.

$50.00 each

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Be Leave 1 - sold


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Be Leave 9


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Be Leave 15


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Be Leave 17 - sold



Foliage Fae- Soft Body Sculpts

When Be Leaves™ come out to play, you will see the Foliage Fae.
These leafy fae nature spirits feature soft bodies over a wire armature. Their heads and hands have been hand sculpted from custom blended polymer clays.

VYNE - $250.00

PYXIE - $250.00 - sold

SPRYGG - $250.00 - sold







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